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"Google search alternatives available on internet" When it comes to privacy, using Google search is not a good idea. When you use their search engine, Google is recording your IP address, search terms, user agent 2, and often a unique identifier, which is stored in cookies as per some news articles Here are eight Google search alternatives to consider: MetaGer – An open source metasearch engine with good features, based in Germany. 🔗 Link : SwissCows – A zero-tracking private search engine based in Switzerland, hosted on secure Swiss infrastructure 2. 🔗 Link : Searx – A privacy-friendly and versatile metasearch engine that’s also open source 1. 🔗 Link : Qwant – A private search engine based in France. 🔗 Link : DuckDuckGo – A private search engine based in the US. 🔗 Link : Mojeek – The only true search engine (rather than metasearch engine) that has its own crawler and index (based in the UK). 🔗 Link : YaCy – A decentralized, open source, peer-to-peer search engine. 🔗 Link :

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