How to clean phone speakers from water

How to clean phone speakers from water Sooner or later everyone faces the problem of water getting into the speakers of the phone. This can lead to serious damage to the device, even when the liquid dries out. is a service that will help remove water from the speakers of your smartphone. It works in the same way as the built-in water ejection function in the Apple Watch. The service plays a certain tone that generates sound waves that cause water to be ejected. The sound from the site also pushes dust and dirt out of the speakers, so it can be used for preventive purposes. Using the service is quite simple: you have to click on the "💨💦" button. When the cleansing tone sounds, the button displays a radiation animation. The site can help even in cases where the cell phone has fallen into a toilet, pool or other container of water. Signs of water on the speakers may include muffled sound, unclean sound, or no sound at all.

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