Telegram Tips and Tricks(Full tips and tricks history)

  • Lock Your Chats! This is great for safeguarding your personal chats when you are handing out your device to anyone else.

To lock a chat go to Settings->Privacy and Security->Passcode Lock and enable it. Once you create a passcode and enable it, you will be able to lock and unlock your chats by tapping on the lock icon at the top right ↗️ of the app.

  • Send Uncompressed Media without Changing the File Extension. On WhatsApp and other messaging apps, you can send uncompressed media by changing the media extension to something like PDF or EXE. However, on Telegram, you don’t need to take this hacky route for sending uncompressed media files. Just select your media and tap on the 3-dot menu. After that, choose “Send without compression” and that is it.

  • Silent Messages - messages will be sent without making a sound or vibration. To use this feature, type your message and then tap and hold the “send” button.➡️ Choose “Send without sound”.

  • Schedule Messages. Press and hold the “send” button. Here, choose “Schedule message” and pick the date and time. The message will be sent at preferred time.

  • Delete Sender’s Message: select the received message and tap on the delete button. You can then select “Also delete for X” and tap on “Delete”. The message will then disappear from both ends.

  • Edit Videos. Open a chat and select the desired video that you want to send. Next tap on the tuning icon to open the new video editor. You can adjust various elements including saturation, contrast, exposure, and more.

  • Quick GIF and YouTube Search. You can send a GIF or a YouTube link without leaving the Telegram app: type @gif or @youtube and enter your search query 🔍. You will get access to the results on the chat screen itself.

  • You can select a part of a message without having to copy the whole message to edit it later. To do this, tap and hold on to a message and then again tap and hold to select your part of the message.

  • Chat Folders. We follow many channels on Telegram not to mention the individual chats that go into the mix. “Chat Folders” allows you to categorize your chats into different labels.

Create chat folders: Open the hamburger menu and move to Settings ➡️ Folders. Tap on “Create New Folder” and give a name (personal, work, fun, unread). After that, add the chats that you would like to appear in this folder. Also you can add the kinds of chats that you don’t want to be grouped under this folder.

  • 🔷 Edit Videos. Open a chat and select the desired video that you want to send. ➡️ Tap on the tuning icon to open a video editor. Here you can adjust saturation, contrast, exposure, even an RGB curve.

  • 🔷 Add Animated Stickers to Images/Videos. Select your image/video and tap on the “brush” icon at the bottom. After that, tap on the sticker icon and add animated stickers to your media.

  • 🔷 Set Reminders. You can only set reminders in the “Saved Messages” section. Type out the task and tap and hold the “send” button. Here, choose “set a reminder” and pick your date and time. Telegram will send a reminder notification!

  • 🔷 Create Timestamp for Videos. If you are sending a long video and want the user to play it from a specific timestamp, say, 1:20, you can just type check the reaction at 1:20 in the video caption. Now when the user taps on the highlighted 1:20 link, the video plays from that particular timestamp.

How to read blocked channels in Telegram

  • The Telegram app for Android and iOS has limitations, due to which channels and bots with a certain topic are unavailable for viewing. These restrictions are related to the rules of Google Play and the App Store, but Telegram has simple official loopholes.

  • For Android. First, check whether the installation of applications from unknown sources is enabled. Then you need to download the Telegram version from the official website, not Google Play. To do this, go to the website ( and click on the "Download Telegram" button.

  • For iOS. Download Telegram Desktop application ( from the official website, or use the web version of Telegram ( Open the "Settings" in the client and go to the "Privacy" section. Move the "Disable restrictions" slider to the active state. Restart the Telegram app on your computer, and then the apps on your iPhone or iPad.

  • 👆By the way, blocked channels will not be found through the search. They are only available by direct link.

What Is a Secret Chat In Telegram And How To Use It?

If you prefer keeping the sensitive content of your chats limited to yourself and avoiding it from being intercepted by a hacker or the authorities in your country or region, this Telegram trick is for you.

Secret Chats provide user-to-user encryption. These chats are meant to be short-lived and not stored on Telegram’s servers.

🔹You can set a self-destruct timer of duration varying from one second to one week.

🔹You or the other person cannot forward messages from a Secret Chat.

🔹 Taking screenshots (or screen recordings) is completely blocked.

🔹A Secret Chat is limited between only 2 people.

To start a Secret Chat, you can tap on the option in the hamburger menu and select a contact to start the chat. Alternatively, you can go to an existing chat, tap on the top bar for the user’s information and scroll down to find the “Start Secret Chat” option.

Telegram Account Security Checklist

Unlike other messengers, Telegram, used correctly, provides a good level of privacy and security. Use these tips!

  • ✅ Install two-factor authentication (2FA).Do not specify an Email address in order to exclude the possibility of accessing the account if the email is hacked.

  • ✅ Don't sync contacts. When syncing, your entire phone book goes to the Telegram servers.

  • ✅ Don't tell anyone your 📱 number. There have been cases when fraudsters have reissued the phone number from the operator, thereby gaining full access to the services and deactivating the original SIM card.

  • ✅ Don't click on suspicious links. Hackers often use phishing on behalf of the telegaram administration. ❗️The administration does not send links.

  • ✅ Disable the ability to link to your account and add yourself to groups. You can do this in the privacy settings

  • ✅ Set a passcode and disable a display of notifications on a locked screen.

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