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Introduction Hi all, I hope this thread isn't full of nonsense. I really want to make SA2, and am currently making a Sonic The Hedgehog fan game (kinda). I know this isn't really the Sonic The Hedgehog modding community, but it is currently my only source of inspiration, and I'd really appreciate some feedback. The game itself will be very similar to a Sonic Adventure 2, but will have all of the features of Sonic Adventure. I'm just looking for ideas and hints on how to develop my mod, and am very open to constructive criticism. I'm not sure exactly what I'd need help with, but I think I'm going to need ideas and hints on how to make character classes and game mechanics work with Sonic Adventure 2. I've heard that I should have an understanding of 3D modeling and animations before I continue to develop this mod. I'm fine with any suggestions as long as they are constructive and not completely stupid. Storyline The people of Dinorath, where Sonic the Hedgehog is from, are forced to leave their home to fight a war with an evil empire. Their home is destroyed, and the people of Dinorath are forced to go through a place called the Chaos Emeralds. One is needed to take them to the Goddess Garden of Chaos. The remaining Chaos Emeralds are used to build a world called Dinorathia, where the people of Dinorath take refuge. Characters Main Characters Character Class System Characters will have their own set of moves and stats. They can use items, use their attacks to make up for their bad stats, and gain new abilities. They can also have stat progression, giving them new moves or stat boosts. Character Development System Characters will start with a 10 point life, 8 turns maximum, and a maximum of 6 moves. Some characters will start with a higher maximum of moves, but will have some moves that will be impossible to use in game, until they get to a higher maximum of moves. This will give the characters more potential, and depending on their development will give them new abilities. Characters will have new abilities as they increase their stats, or gain items, which will give them abilities. The Character Class System will be an RPG/Tactical Combat RPG. Characters will be able to learn new moves as they progress, giving them more potential and a chance to use their full potential. The Character Development System will be





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Autodesk AutoCAD 2018 8.36 (x86x64) Keygen Crack Download Pc [Latest] 2022

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